The North Coast Regional Botanic Garden Seedbank began operating in the eighties.  At this time, the role of the Seedbank was to store and supply seed for producing seedlings for planting in the newly established Botanic Gardens. Themed gardens such as the Chinese, South American, North American, Indian gardens were all established from seed brought in from overseas and stored in the Seedbank.  Many Australian species were also collected, stored and grown for planting. Some were planted in display gardens and some were used for specialised Australian plantings – rainforest plantings, rare and endangered and heathland gardens.

Now, the Seedbank has its own building, housing the seed storage area as well as a working area.  Our role has grown over the years to include supplying native seed from the North Coast Region to other Botanic Gardens – both Australian and worldwide, as well as supplying seed to a variety of research and conservation organisations. 

While our focus is on wild-sourced seed from NSW North Coast species, many of original plantings of rainforest and rare and endangered trees in the Gardens are now mature enough to flower and set seed.  This is a new direction with new challenges for the North Coast Regional Botanic Garden Seedbank.

You can download our Seed List Leaflet on this page.

If you wish more information contact Co-ordinator, Lindy Hills: 

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