North Coast Regional Botanic Garden Herbarium  

Founded in 1940 the Herbarium has a collection of over 27,000 specimens which requires a high level of care and maintenance. This comprehensive and valuable reference collection is used to help identify plant specimens.

Taxonomic range

Vascular plants, Cryptogams. Northeastern New South Wales; voucher specimen repository for forest projects and botanical surveys. Includes exotics.
Kingdoms covered include: Plantae.

Geographic range

Primarily NSW North Coastal Tablelands
Australian states covered include: New South Wales.

Number of specimens in the collection.

The estimated number of specimens in the North Coast Regional Botanic Garden Herbarium is 28,776.
The North Coast Regional Botanic Gardens Herbarium contains these significant collections:

    A. G. Floyd - specimens
    H. Hayes - specimens
    L. Archer - orchid collection
    Public Reference collection for public use - 2498 sheets

Contact: Alex Floyd:  (02) 6648 4853