Our glasshouse was demolished in 2017. We are currently working towards rebuilding. Below is an outline of the plantings in the original glasshouse.

The Glasshouse complex is composed of five interconnected pods for plants that require special growing conditions such as bromeliads, ferns, orchids, gingers and arid-land species.

The first pod contains a general collection of plants not suitable for growing outside: hanging baskets of gesneriaceae and other exotics and a range of begonias, ferns and lilies surround a lovely small pond in this area.  Many bromeliads are displayed here, exotic species primarily from South America.

The second pod is home to a beautiful display of bromeliads - just a fraction of the huge range of these South American rainforest plants surround two ponds and a waterfall.   

Entry to the third pod is through a heavy plastic curtain to maintain the arid-land climatic conditions. This display contains several cacti native to the Americas, succulents, as well as several of our native species of dry-adapted plants. Signs give information about the many ways plants have adapted to dry conditions in various parts of the world.

The fourth pod is the orchid house. Here you will find a variety of Australian native species, as well as many exotic orchids. This is an ever-changing display of terrestrial, lithophytic and epiphytic orchids shown as each comes into bloom. There is a pond here surrounded by tree ferns, basket ferns, bromeliads and lilies.

In the fifth pod, gingers, heliconias, anthuriums and exotic "bat plants" are displayed.